District Meetings 

District 7 Takes Inventory - At the District Meeting on August 17 2024

Why is a District Inventory important? A District takes an inventory to see if they are meeting the needs of the A.A. Groups, General Service Representatives (“GSR”) and the purpose to which they are to serve. An inventory allows a District to identify what has been effective and consider areas of improvement.

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"At district meetings, you join with G.S.R.s from other groups. Perhaps you’ve already worked with an intergroup or central office, where groups band together to help alcoholics just in your locality. But your general service district is the second link in an entirely different chain, which extends much farther. Your district is one part of a general service area. With your fellow G.S.R.s, you elect a district committee member, and all the D.C.M.s make up the area committee. Now, do you just sit back and let your D.C.M. take it from there? No! G.S.R.s stay very much in action in each of the 93 areas in the U.S. and Canada."
Reprinted from General Service Representative, with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.

District 7 meetings are generally held the third Saturday of certain months:
  - Meeting locations rotate throughout the groups served in District 7

  - Meeting generally takes place from 9:30 am to 11:30 am
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July - No District Meeting
Southwest Texas Area (SWTA 68) General Service Conference Delegate Report and Workshops

August 17
District 7 Inventory

Unity Group 

202 Stanly St
Victoria, TX. 77904
(At Christ The Victor)

September 21
Delegate Report
74th General Service Conference (GSC)

Back To Basics Group 

3604 N Ben Jordan St
Victoria, TX. 77901
(At Grace Presbyterian)

October - No District Meeting
Southwest Texas Area (SWTA 68) Fall Assembly/Conference
Southwest Regional AA Service Assembly (SWRAASA)

November 16

Hope Group 

1003 Kallus St
Schulenburg, TX. 78956 
(At Expo Ctr Bldg Wolters Park)

December 21

Need Host Group 

Pending Address 

Service Orientation

 Need Host Group   Pending Address 

 Need Host Group  Pending Address

 Need Host Group  Pending Address